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Shanghai Flagship Data Center
Address: South YangGao Road, Shanghai, China
Traffic:10 km away from downtown
Building design
Construction :1.Reinforced concrete, three stories
2.Loading capacity of raised floor: Greater than 800 kg/m2
Freight only elevator, loading bay
Power Receiving : 1.Loop path UPS
2.UPS system
Generator : 1.Diesel generator with N+1 redundant configuration
2.Operating hours without refueling is more than 48 hours Power Provision
3.Dual power feeds: PUD to each rack
4.Power supply to a rack: 2.0kVA and more
Air Conditioning 
System : 1.Air-cooling system with N+1 redundant configuration
2.Management of temperature and humidity
Blow-out Type: Raised flooring air conditioning system Down-blow below raised floor
Fire Detection
1.Smoke detector
2.FM200 fire fighting system
1.Shanghai Telecom is available

Camera : 1.Monitoring cameras Guard
2.7x24h on-site security presence
Building access: 1.Access badge/IC card or fingerprint authentication required Room Access
2.Access badge/IC card or fingerprint authentication required
Standard Rack
Type : 1.Cabinet door Size(WxDxH)
2.600mm x 1100mm x 42U
1.24 hours facility monitoring by BMS
2.Staging room
3.Meeting room and presentation room
4.Office space rental available

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